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A medical office cleaning job is very different from an office building cleaning job. A medical office cleaning job requires thorough disinfection in every nook and cranny of the office. There is greater emphasis in the disinfection of areas with high concentration of germs, or basically the areas where patients immediately go in the medical office space for a preventive action against contamination.
The main task of the cleaner in the waiting room is to empty the waste basket, throw all the trash out, and arrange all the magazine in the rack. You can sweep the waiting room's floor for any dust and trash if it is not carpeted. For floors that are carpeted, it can be vacuumed for any trash and dust to keep it clean for the patients and visitors. However the cleaning of the medical office waiting area, goes beyond that and there are actually more things that has to be done.
Before they are placed in the waiting room, the reading materials have to be wrapped in a plastic sleeve for the patients to read. A disinfectant is used in wiping these plastic sleeves so that they are clean before it is placed in the racks. The rack containing all of the reading materials must be free from any viruses and germs and must be disinfected, so that it would not infect other people. Checkout Chandler office cleaning here.

The usual practice is to clean up the waiting room furniture once in every month. The furniture in the medical office needs to be cleaned after the officers, so that means daily. The cleaners do the job of wiping all of the chairs, tables, and benches so that they are disinfected. Again, this has to be done to ensure the safety of the patients who will be there the next day from any germs and viruses. Disinfection is even done to the plants that are placed in the waiting area. It is possible for germs and viruses to be present in the plant's parts, so it needs to be wiped and sprayed with a disinfectant.

An easier way for the medical office floor to be cleaned up is to tile it up so that you can just mop and sweep it. Carpeted floors are harder to get cleaned up from germs and viruses. The tile should be the flooring for a medical office.

Cleaners are also given the task of making sure that the filters in the air condition are functioning well to prevent the spread of airborne bacteria and virus. Chandler commercial janitorial offer better services.

Things like vials and syringes, which are disposable, are not to be used again and should be put in the garbage. There is an infectious waste bin for those kinds of wastes and garbage, do not put them in the same bins with your typical trash.
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